You powerful group of women could use some encouraging words of advice.

Hear me out for a minute. If no one else is telling you this, I will. 

You are doing a phenomenal job fulfilling all of the responsibilities that it takes to care for your Special Needs child. 

You are so in tune with your child. 

You never miss a doctor’s appointment. I mean, you’ve memorized the doctor’s number by hard. 

You are advocating for your child the moment you feel a tightening in your belly to do so.

You are your child’s voice during the moments he or she cannot independently voice their concerns or discomforts. 

Can we talk about you for a minute? 

I know, I know. It’s not very often that someone wants to check in how you are doing. 

Welcome to Scratch Made, where we devote our energies on improving self-care for the Special Needs mama.

Special Needs Mama, let’s talk about you. 


For years, people have confirmed or at least based on their observation have told you, “you have a lot going on. You must never get time to yourself.” 

What has this done? Successfully ingrained in your mind that you shouldn’t make time for yourself because you have a lot going on. 

Your mind wants to but then you cave in and say, “forget about it.”

You start to feel crappy and say things to yourself that you start to believe.

There’s a lot of fallacies around self-care.  Who can do it? 

How much time should one devote to the practice? 

If you’re deemed as a permanent failure when you take a break from it. 

Word of Advice: Give the internet and social media a break and check in with yourself. 


Don’t let an outside source box you in the category of: Special Needs mom’s have no time for self-care.

When you align yourself with people that think like that, then you start to wholeheartedly believe that. 

Let’s get rid of that notion. No two Special Needs moms are exactly the same. 

Focus on you and your progress and the future progress you want to make. 


Give yourself the opportunity to figure out this part of your life. Don’t let anyone tell you can’t make time for the things you want. You most certainly can.

A bit of advice, if that’s the message you’re constantly hearing, then perhaps finding new friends that you confide in are what need to change. 

words of advice for the special needs mama


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