I want to make celebratory wins and recognizing accomplishment(s) an intentional practice. 

It’s so easy to lose motivation for the “good work”  without someone reminding you, “hey, you are doing a great job!.”

Scratch Made doesn’t offer the services we do to receive online adulation though. 

We do it because we love it. I love it!

Some days, I feel as though I’m talking to an empty void in space. 

It can get lonely being an online business owner. 


The Bible verse that has pushed me through and through is:

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

In such a short time, I have done the following things:

  • Made significant traction
  • Successfully budded friendships with online entrepreneurs
  • Met some incredible Special Needs moms   
  • Developed partnerships with some amazing folks


Scratch Made is just getting started. 

 The lessons I’ve learned

Consistency is important

My business is a full time working machine and I have to treat it with the level of professionalism I gave to my past employers.

I started to see the growth when I did this and now it’s the motto I live by. 


It’s a learning experience.

I’m not used to having to wear so many online hats as much of my experience stemmed from being a clinician performing in a traditional clinical setting. 

I’m an online entrepreneur and there are many people that have marketing, selling, branding, copy writing, down to a science.

I am not one of them and so if it takes investing in my business to take me to the level of where I dream of, then so be it. ROI’s is a real thing y’all. 


Right Mindset. Wrong Actions.

 I started Scratch Made with the mindset to help people and to bring awareness the benefits of utilizing ABA have on individuals.

I started to burn myself out when I would stay up and work on Scratch Made.

I’ve learned that again, just as you clock out of work in the corporate world, I must possess the same behaviors to do that with my business.


If it doesn’t bring me joy, then don’t do it.

This is something that individuals need to pay attention to earlier. This goes beyond business too.

If I don’t light up at the thought of doing something that I’ve put on my schedule, then don’t do it.

Delegate and do only the things that make your heart full. 


“Achievements don’t happen overnight Kabrena.”   

Piggy backing off of point two, it’s been difficult realizing there’s a science behind a business. My business.

This isn’t to say that I haven’t accomplished a lot, we just have bigger milestones to achieve.

Consistency, & an open mindset will get us to checking off some of the major goals on our Scratch Made list & that’s okay.

I would rather know the direction in which we’re headed then to be operating this business aimlessly. 



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