Why do we do this to ourselves? We think and think and think ourselves out of the commitment. 

I once read a brilliant quote which read, “the only thing lost in the world that cannot be regained is time wasted.”

In the moment, we don’t think we’ve lost time but in fact, it’s lost time. 

Take me for example, after taking on more than I should have at work, I excused myself out of engaging in physical self-care because I deemed it unnecessary and felt good telling myself that, ‘I’m too tired and if not today, maybe next week I’ll give it a try.”

It gets old. The habit I formed took even longer to undue because of the extensive history of me over-complicating self-care. 

Special Needs Parent: You all have so much on your plate. There isn’t a time when you can clock out and really rest. 

There are moments when you can direct your energy on you.

A major issue that I’ve seen many Special Needs parents running into is the belief that self-care is selfish or that it’s this overindulgent practice that they don’t qualify for. 

You do qualify for it. Of all the parents in the world that need it, it’s Special Needs parents. 

Practice acceptance and compassion with yourself. This may look like being gentle with your thoughts when you feel the nudge to spend time apart from your child. 

It’s okay. It’s a healthy practice to do this and helps you replenish your needs as an individual. 

Again, a little self-compassion goes a long way. In no way you should strive to be perfect, or have the perfect schedule for your child. 

Just strive to manage what you have effectively, without criticizing and saying hurtful things to yourself. 

If you can’t go and workout 4x/week, talk on the phone to your best friend for 30 minutes 2x a day, like your neighbor Susie, that’s okay. 

Start somewhere. Don’t wait for the perfect week, or when your child is no longer having accidents at night, or when all the stars are aligned to signal that it’s “okay” to begin practicing self-care.


Do what you can now. Just Don’t Cancel 

Self-Care Altogether. 

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