Self care myth debunked: me time can only be enjoyed without kids present

For most, utilizing self-care is most enjoyable when there are no kids in sight.

And so, for those who can’t enjoy “me time” alone , they automatically count themselves out.

Self-care, when used properly, can be different from person to person,

I was reminded of this during a recent podcast interview.

The host, one of the moms from my Facebook group mentioned that during her son’s break, he chose to paint a picture.


So, she joined him.


What surprised her most about it all was that she enjoyed it so much that it turned into her indulging in some good ole mental self care.

She described the activity as nostalgic that forced her to be still.

You know what else? Her son was beside her painting as well.

So, you mean self-care practices can take place with your child present?

Yes, it most definitely can. It can happen with an RBT in the home.

It can happen while preparing a meal, it can happen while sitting on the couch with your family reading a book.

You can practice self-care with or without your family around.

Devoting time to yourself is non-negotiable because it’s an enjoyable activity that is initiated by you versus an activity you are forced to do because it’s on your child’s schedule.


  It’s something you enjoy.


Hopefully your mindset on self-care has been renewed and you now have a fresh perspective in the ways self-care can work for you. 

Now, what promises are you making to yourself, and which limiting beliefs do you no longer give power to?

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