I know what you are thinking. You read my professional credentials: Board Certified Behavior Analyst and immediately began to think that Scratch Made Consulting is an ABA agency that offers 1:1 services to individuals with Autism and Developmental Disabilities. 

You see BCBA behind my name and think, “I need to find out if she accepts my insurance or, I want to get ABA services for my child asap.”


Yes, I’m a BCBA and yes, we offer 1:1 services but not for your child, for you.   

There you go. Doing it again. You’re on your time and you are still trying to find something to help your child. 

I’m sorry to disappoint you but that is NOT the service we offer at Scratch Made Consulting. 

I am taking care of the other half of the client now, the parent. 

Trust me, if it’s services for your child that you’re searching for, you will have no issues finding an ABA agency. 

But Scratch Made Consulting is not one of those agencies. 

Several Thoughts Are Going Through Your Mind At This Point

If I’m gauging you correctly, you are here because either you’re up late or snuck a moment away googling being burnt out, posting on 10 different Special Needs parents groups about having trouble juggling it all as a Special Needs parent.

You realize you need to step it up in the areas of self-care even if it isn’t a popular topic among the Special Needs parent community. 

As a BCBA, I’ve worked in populations stemming from autism, downs, epilepsy, individuals with severe hearing disorders and speech deficits and anything in between. 

I’ve also had the pleasure of working in an atypical population such as brain injury and individuals with mental disorders. 

I’ve had clients as young as 2 and as old as 65. 

I see it as doing the same work, using the same principles of behavior analysis just on a different group of people. 

Step back and read the above sentence again.

Let’s get clear on this: 

The role of a BCBA isn’t just to serve individuals with autism. 

The significance of someone that possesses a board certified credential like myself, is to do two things: increase desirable behavior and decrease undesirable behaviors.. 

So, you are included on that list. 

What are the behaviors needing to change on your end? 

Do you lack the ability to engage in a social activity without quitting after 2 days? 

Or do you want to learn to consistently engage in a physical activity for X amount of days with no breaks? 

That’s what I do. This is what I’m about. 

Scratch Made’s Overarching Goal

My goal is to help you show up feeling your best and instead of living your life in pieces. 

You’ve covered enough ground for your child,  Special Needs mom or dad.

Now it’s time to focus on you. That’s a non-negotiable. 

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