This is the last week of a ‘new blog every day’ challenge for Scratch Made. 

Hope you guys enjoyed reading them week by week. 

It’s the last week of July and of the consistency challenge so how befitting is it that it’s the topic of today’s blog.

It’s so easy to give up. Society tells us, “well, at least you tried and better luck next time!”

Yes, it’s okay when things are getting real and very intense. I encourage breaks and utilize them in my everyday approach to the business and to my personal life. 


Some effort is better than ZERO effort


I remember during one of my conversations held with a Special Needs mom, she was telling me how hard it is during the peak of her son’s challenging behavior to not react. 

She wanted to go back to her old ways and yell BUT she didn’t.

She knew that if she had, all the work and many hours of parent training would be in vain. 

She remained consistent throughout his challenging behavior and 19 days later, she observed what appeared a significant decrease in his aggression towards her. 


It takes consistency to see the results. 

She was very clear on sticking to the protocol and she didn’t allow the external circumstances of his aggression to get the best of her.

The same goes for you.

 If you can stick to a protocol outlined by your child’s therapist, you can use the same amount of effort towards your individual goals. 

Effort + Consistency= Positive Results. 

If you are in the very beginning journey of self-care, do not give up.

It’s a foreign practice you have agreed to and it’s not easy by any means.


But don’t give up

You deserve to experience the same amount of success with goals just like your child. 

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