There’s so many negative things to read online these days. 

You don’t even have to search long and hard for it either. 

It’s literally right there on your feed as you scroll through social media. 

So many Special Needs Parent Facebook groups are full of parents who are feeling isolated, sad, anxious, burdened with the everyday thoughts that run rampant in their mind.  

You are a Special Needs parent. It is hard. The responsibilities will be there. 

The insurmountable posts from other parents remind you that they are here for the long haul.

It’s hard trying to navigate through this alone without being reminded of the growing lists of pain points as a Special Needs parent. 

It can be downright discouraging to see so many parents going through the same thing that we forget to celebrate the little milestones and the everyday blessings as a Special Needs Parent. 

Turn your thoughts towards the positive.

1.You are where you are supposed to be. If you don’t succeed at self-care, that doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you. Or even worse, that you won’t ever nail it. It takes consistency. 

2. You can do hard things. Despite being an inner critic, you have and will continue to do the hard things that many parents will never experience. Accept yourself as a Special Needs parent. 

3. You are the parent of someone that is your forever teacher. Embrace the lessons your child is teaching you. 

4. You are powerful and yet, so keen of your vulnerabilities. You have been given the assignment to be the parent of an exceptional child. Not many parents can say that they developed the grit like you have. It takes strength to care as deeply as you do. 

5. You aren’t letting anyone down by resting. 

6. Change your narrative when it comes to your individual dreams. And speaking of your dreams, yeah, those dreams you had before becoming a Special Needs parent, don’t let them die, okay? 

7. Self-Care doesn’t necessarily mean purchasing an item. You are someone that already has to think creatively when it comes to your child. Know that, self-care doesn’t pertain to any which item. It pertains to your life. 

Rinse and Repeat these affirmations to yourself.


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