I used to make a face when someone uttered the word, “routine.” I don’t like to call it a routine.

It’s a huge part of my lifestyle.  Self-Care, that is. 

For the purposes of this blog post, I’ll call it: Self-Care Regimen. 

Pre-Self-Care, the things I did to start my day would stress me out. 

There was no order, or predictability. 

I knew that I had to get a grip on self-care and what excited me is realizing that I had full control on how I decided to start my day.

If I can control anything, it’s the behaviors I choose to engage in.


I love that I can control that part of my life but for many, it’s also very easy to have your choices leave you at a dead end. 

What helped me get on track is nailing down what items or activities add value to my life and getting rid of the things that no longer serve me. 

SN (Side Note): This is what works for me so, in no way am I telling you to do exactly what I do. That would be a copy and paste. Individualize it. 


Make it about you.

Make it joyful.



Wake up

Pray and open up my Bible App

Morning prayer

Meditation with Headspace App

Cleanse my face using Lush

Breakfast which usually consists of fresh fruits, yogurt or eggs



No more than 2 tasks accomplished

Lunch Break


Continue Work

Movement Break



Delicious Home Cooked Meal

Wind down with movement-

Brew Tea

Facial Cleanser 

Warm Bath with my new favorite soap



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