So, the day comes when you’re ready to commit to some ‘me time. 

There’s an elephant in the room and you need to face it head on. 

You have no idea where to start. You don’t want to  waste time for fear that it’ll send you steps backwards. 


Scratch Made To The Rescue


I’ve developed the Win Method which is an evidence based framework that helps determine the types of activities or items you enjoy. 

The first step in determining what you find enjoyable is W= Watch yourself.

I recommend a minimum of 5 days of observing your own behavior. 

You’ll be surprised at the kinds of things that pique your interest and the ones you didn’t normally pay attention to but enjoy doing. 

If you’re not able to physically do anything, run through your mind what you wish you could try.

The next step that builds off the first step is, I=Interview yourself.

You do this by simply taking an inventory of what things you like and what things you dislike. 

To make it even more simple, you can narrow down the top 3 activities/items you like and dislike. 

The more structure, the more likelihood you’ll enjoy the process.

The third and final step of pinpointing activities you find engaging that will aid on your self-care journey is, trying New Things.

By this point, you should have some idea of what you enjoy but in case you are still curious, give this a shot as well. 

Let us know at Scratch Made what worked for you!

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