No surprise here, but it turns out that in order to produce lasting positive behaviors,  you need to make the decision to retrain your thoughts, which will reshape your behaviors.

Why is it so easy to get in a negative rut?

“If you have a penchant for detecting and dwelling on the negative, it’s no cause for alarm. In fact, you are simply a product of intelligent human design whereby bad overpowers good. That’s right — humans were designed to be keenly aware of negative circumstances and consequences as it helped our ancestors survive. The negativity bias is a tendency to have greater sensitivity to negative than to positive events. Some researchers posit that, psychologically speaking, negative events weigh close to three times more than positive events.” 

(Jain, 2017)

I’m talking to you, Special Needs mom or dad. The trick is to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. 

It is so easy to be overwhelmed and feel sorry for yourself. You might even feel sorry for the situation that you’re in. 

There’s so much to be grateful for. You just spend so much of your energy focusing on the bad that you don’t realize that there’s beautiful wonders going on around you every day. 

What about that new skill your child has been working on with his/her therapist for 3 months? 

They are almost independent with tying their shoes. 

And dinner time, it used to be a fiasco but now you can get your child to eat 2-3 different foods during the week. 

See, you can find a lot of positives. When you stop to think of the positives, and really dwell in that space, reinforce your behavior. 

These are the times when it matters. 

Acknowledge the positives,  there’s a family out there that wishes their son or daughter was making as much progress as your child. 

The next time when you feel the urge to go into stinkin’ thinkin’ mode, know that it takes the same amount of energy to shape your thoughts into positive ones. 






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