I set an intention every morning when I wake up to do 2-3 intentional practices that are non-negotiable and are for me. 

For Special Needs moms, this is an unheard of practice for them. 

Most Special Needs moms realize they have forgotten about themselves.

Most believe it’s the sacrifice that had to be made in order to be able to give their all to their complex child.

But, still. 


Imagine waking up everyday knowing that you haven’t forgotten about you.

Maybe it’s not waking up an hour earlier but there are moments you can sneak away time for yourself. 

And I use the term ‘sneak’ loosely because it can attribute to feeling guilty for what you’re doing.

I’m sorry if you didn’t get the memo but if more people knew you were doing something for you, they would be telling you to do it more. 

Chances are, they wish you would take time for yourself but are too fearful of what your response will be. 

Just because your friends and family don’t say it, it doesn’t make the concept of ‘me time’ any less important. 


This weekend, I happened to be on Scratch Made Instagram and found a Special Needs mom page. 

It was so refreshing to read the same sentiments I utter to my Special Needs moms.


“Part of taking care of special needs kids is taking time to reset ourselves to be the best version of us.

Self care is not a privilege, it’s a necessity.

Being strong as a couple is being strong for our family.

Take time to fill your cups.”


I couldn’t agree more. Maybe it’s an easier pill to swallow for the Special Needs mom reading her post coming from a Special Needs mom. 

I scrolled down to investigate what comments to find and there was one particular comment which read, “easier said than done.”

Yes, it is easier said than done when you have your  mind made up that you can’t enjoy your “me time” in the way you’re meant to. 

Maybe it’s not being able to get a weekend away from your children. 

Perhaps, it’s being still for a couple minutes and refilling your cup to honor how far you’ve come and practice compassion and gratitude. 

Instagram is such a visual platform and you have to remember that the posts you see are subject to the account holder. 

Meaning, we don’t know how many years in the making it took for the Special Needs mom and dad to be granted a weekend away from their children. 

It could’ve been 5 years in the making but thank goodness they’re at the point where they fully understand the implications of not engaging in self-care. 

That’s what I call, a growth mindset. 

So, what actions towards self-care will you be making? 

It’s so easy to go down the comparison rabbit hole of looking at the next Special Needs mom or dad and think they must have a less complex child. 

No, their responsibilities are there and they won’t go away. 

They just have made the decision to engage in preventive practices of burnout instead of experiencing what could be, possible implications from burnout. 

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