Not a title you would expect, huh? It’s true though.

When you’re running yourself ragged and have not done a great job at slowing down, you need to do this. 

It’s a great practice to grab a chair,  sit down, and rest.

I took a break for 3 weeks and it was awesome. I soaked in life’s little reminders that all is alright. 

I had a “staycation”, visited family a couple hours away and my husband and I rode our bikes on this beautiful trail. 

I still reminisce about that trail too. Y’all, it was so relaxing. 



When you read the title, what did you think I mean when I stated that you need to ‘sit down somewhere?’

Perhaps, for you, it literally means sitting down & taking a breather. 

Or delegating your to-do list to your spouse or family member that you trust. 

Maybe you’re the type of Special Needs parent that needs to take a break from social media. 

Those Facebook Groups and Instagram influencers can become mentally taxing. 


You start to do what we all dread to talk about, ‘the comparison game.’


Later this week, I will be posting up on our Instagram page, a discussion around ceasing comments towards Special Needs moms that utilizing self-care won’t work. 

We know this to be absurd but I still can recount posts from last week where a Special Needs mom is finding rest & a comment below from someone in the community is shaming her for doing so. 


Stop. Doing. This. To. Special. Needs. Moms.

Perhaps, that post is a cue for you to find rest too. 

Be grateful God is reminding you in his own way to do that. 

Now, grab a chair & sit down somewhere. 

You’ll thank me later.


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