There comes a time where you have to decide that this journey can be arduous with no relief or manageable with relief. 

Which will you decide? I’m sorry to break it to you but there are a lot of terrible things you can do in this lifetime but taking care of yourself isn’t one of them.

It’s so easy to presume that you have another day, “oh, I can make that doctor’s appointment for myself next week.” 

Really? Do you know what kind of message you are sending to yourself? 

A huge part of being a caregiver for your child is being to physically handle all of the intricacies that require you to perform your day-to-day responsibilities well. 

This means, honoring your health by ensuring you receive appropriate amounts of nutrition daily, spending time away from your special needs child via respite, making medical appointments.

There is no way around the difficult assignment as a Special Needs parent, but you can decide how you will respond and treat yourself going forward. 

By all means, do something for yourself. Your family and future will thank you for it. 


Many parents at the mention of doing something for themselves may disagree with me with the utilization of self-care. 

It is why the investment in a program like Burnout to Breakout seems absurd but it’s really not. 

More likely than not, they are still burnt out while juggling all the many items that greet them each day. 

Our program is for parents that have an open mind and are tired of being tired, of feeling alone, sad, helpless. 

Think of Scratch Made as a service that is tailored to your needs, it’s no different than scheduling a doctor, eye, or dentist appointment. 

Do something for yourself!


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