Perhaps, you’re not new to this & have been a Special Needs parent for a while. 

You are well versed in the community.

You are viewed as a leader to other Special Needs moms & dads early on their journey.

You love extending yourself as a resource to the community. 

Now, your child is an adult. 

For years you had scheduled help that served as a relief to you. 

You’ve recently shifted.

You’ve placed your adult child in an on campus community (residential program) with other adults that display similar intellectual disabilities. 

You visit often. You are just close enough but you miss your child. 

You fight guilt, shame, and depression off and on. 

You know that you made the right decision. You needed around the clock supervision.

And when the resources that you once knew were cut off at age 22, you needed to explore your options. 

23 years of being the full time caregiver has played a major rule in the decline of your health.

The day your child transitioned out of your home was a hard, uneventful, exhausting day. 

It’s been 567 days and it gets easier but the reminders never go away.

Nor does the reminder that you have a lot more time to explore the things you love. 


  “What is it that I used to do again?”

Good news, it’s not rocket science on how you can figure this out. 

 I mean that in the most endearing way, it’s simple.

I recently did a post on Instagram on the reasons many of us view self-care as a chore, one of them being, you don’t know what you enjoy anymore. 

A good way to figure this is out to try new things, watch what things you respond to & enjoy. 

How do you know what sticks?

If you find yourself naturally wanting to do those things, then chances are, these are activities that you enjoy.

So, do them often. 

My advice, do the things that lights you up. 

You can love your child and take care of you at the same time. 

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