For the one that is experiencing caregiver burnout, it’s no fun. It’s no fun for anyone witnessing the burnout of a loved one either. 

Not that it’s designed to be but then, why are so many moms and dads working themselves day in and day out? 

I questioned this a lot when I first entered the field, 10 plus years ago. 

I thought to myself, “how heroic it is for them to sacrifice so much for this little being?’

Many of my encounters with Special Needs parents involved being met with a fluctuation of emotions.

One day, they would be warm and eager to chat it up with me. 

And the following day, therapy drop off was quick and to the point, met with little conversation from the parent. 

Some days, I was met with a huge meltdown from my client. Mornings like these were especially hard for the parents. 

Many of the parents would apologize profusely for entering the clinic with such dysfunction. I would just politely nod and say not to worry about it. 

After all, that’s why ABA therapy exists, to help shape undesirable behaviors like theirs that result in positive outcomes with their families. 

As a BCBA, it never went away. It seemed like I was met with even more burnt out parents. 

I once had a parent yell at me over the phone for not being able to see her son for therapy because we were significantly short on staffing. 

She called me two minutes later to tell me that she was burnt out and wanted nothing but the best for her child. 

I understood. It doesn’t make it any less compelling to say this.


We need to do better.


We shouldn’t allow any parent to get the point of burnout. There should be resources readily available for them to use. 

It should go hand in hand. ABA therapy for Johnny and Self-Care coaching for Jeanine.

It’s a good feeling to know that Scratch Made is helping mitigate this long standing problem of caregiver burnout within the Special Needs community. 

Here are my 4 Signs of Caregiver Burnout


  • You experience a roller coaster of emotions. Little things set you off and cause you to be irritable and/or sad. 
  • Your self-care is nowhere to be found. You have been on ‘go mode’ for so long and you honestly don’t remember the last time you did something for yourself. 
  • Anything related to medical appointments, insurance, therapy renewals, filling out paperwork, it all falls on you.
  • You have an extremely hard time thinking and doing  anything else but taking care of your child’s needs.


 Now that you know better. Let’s do better going forward.

Get help. Know your limits and express them to your family that you need their help. Express them to your spouse. 

Set realistic goals that are going to help you not hinder you when taking care of your child. 

Spend time away from your child. It can get pretty thick in the haze caring for a Special Needs child. Trust me, a little time apart will do you some good. 

Honor your mind and body and utilize self-care.

Rinse and repeat. 

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