I don’t live in your house or work alongside you as a therapist or teacher to your special needs child. 

Yet, I emphasize with you. I cannot imagine how stressed you are because of how different your day to day must feel compared to last year.


This is an ode to you. 


You wish you had a therapy clinic to drop your child off to or gas to fill up in your car from driving 100+ miles a week to and from therapy appointments. 

Let’s not begin how different medical appointments have been since the peak of COVID. 

The doctor’s offices are being extremely difficult and are not taking in consideration the needs of a special needs child. 

Having a sign on the door that reads, “only one person with a patient at a time, “ is not helpful but extremely inconvenient for families. 

You think, “Here we are, out of the house for once and we’re met at the door with this sign, where are exceptions for families like ours?”

It leaves you stressed out and wondering why your child is being treated like an animal. 

Many Special Needs families with children who are not equipped to transition, need an additional aide or adult to be with them while the parent checks them in. 


At this point, you are shaking your head in agreement. I empathize with you so much.


I can’t wipe your entire set of responsibilities away but I can offer you something in the moments you are able to get away.


Here are my top 10 Stir Crazy Activities for the Special Needs Families who have opted to be home this school year. 

What’s more, most of these activities are things you do everyday already. 

Perhaps, this is the pick-me-up you need. 

 Disney Dreams Collection by Thomas Kinkade Studios Coloring Series


Body Wash/Shampoo/Bubble Bath 

Mindfulness Jar


Facial Masks


Self-Care Book for Moms


Shower Bombs


Affirmation Cards


Essential Oil Necklace


Vegan Bars for energy


Vitamin Water

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