10 years ago, you could barely find any books online that addresses self-care for the Special Needs mom.

It’s 2020 and there’s much more out there. I’m so excited to share with you helpful books mostly written by Special Needs moms.

Now, on to the goodies.

In between Facebook and Instagram, I get asked by a lot of Special Needs moms, what are some good self-care books that I recommend. 

I have found a couple to be quite helpful. I even asked a couple of my Special Needs moms and they let me in on a nice collection right over on Amazon. 

5 Self-Care Books for the Special Needs Parent that I recommend.

1. Living a Happy Life with a Special Needs Child 

2. Half A Brain: Confessions of a Special Needs Mom

3. The Autism Mom’s Survival Guide: Creating A Balanced & Happy Life while Raising a Child with Autism

4. Burnout to Unstoppable: An Autism Mom’s Memoir About Prioritizing Self-Care, Becoming Stress Resilient & Unleashing Her Inner Badass

5. Taking Care of the Special Needs Mom: Feel Good So You Can Be There For Your Child


Take Care, Self-Care


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