It’s not surprising to find out that self-care takes some time to get used to even when you’ve been out of the game for a while. 

I know for me, I would excuse myself out of committing to the activity that I know I would enjoy because for so many reasons. 

It turns out, my Special Needs mamas also found themselves doing and thinking similarly too. 

I was bad y’all. I would pack my workout clothes in the car, stay at work late enough for me to say out loud, ‘’it’s too late to go to that class because it’s 35 minutes away from my job.”

I soon realized that it was contributing to the resentment I had towards work which later turned into burnout. 

I simply was uninspired and itched for something to light me up inside again. 

I wanted to look forward to those 1 or 2 self-care activities that I knew would only enhance my work  performance and time with my family. 

I was working so many hours that my days would run into each other. 


3 Reasons why you view self-care as a chore


1.You lack the consistency: Own up to it. Also, take a look at the behaviors that are reinforcing you to cave in and refuse to be consistent. The only person inconsistency immediately impacts is you. 


2. You don’t know what you enjoy anymore. It’s taken you so long to get to this place that either the things you love, you don’t love anymore or you simply can’t remember what you enjoy…Scratching head kind of moment 

Take it for Scratch Made, and use the WIN Method. Watch yourself, Interview (ask yourself what things you like or what you don’t like), try new things to find out what you like. 


3. You tried something that someone else recommended you try and absolutely hated it. When this happens, you end up thinking, “My theory was right and self-care really doesn’t work for Special Needs moms.” I’ve been there too. That’s why implementing The Win Method is your best bet because you don’t have to go through the trouble of learning the long way to find out on your own what you enjoy doing. 

If you’re still stuck, check out this article I wrote about the 5 Self-Care Books written for the Special Needs Mom in mind.




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