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A 12 week private Self-Care coaching program for Special Needs Parents


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Picture this…You are doing your normal routine of preparing lunches for the kids and yourself.  You head out the door to drop off the kids at school and/or therapy appointments for the day.  You are always on time because you never want to be viewed as that parent who doesn’t take their children’s services seriously. I mean, you fought so hard to even get services for your kid. 

It’s 12:45pm and you head on into the 2nd therapy appointment of the day, occupational therapy (OT). Your child is greeted by their therapist and you decide to return to the car, anticipating the OT session will last a half hour. You reach for your lunch and begin eating. You then reach for your water. You reach for your bottle to take a sip only to find out there is only a drop left. You remembered your bottle but it’s useless if it’s not full.

The same applies to  you.

Are you ready to dispel the myth that being a Special Needs Parent and feeling relaxed & recharged can’t coexist?

Meet Kabrena

Hi, I'm Kabrena

As a Special Needs Parent Coach and Behavior Analyst, I am passionate about helping parents with special needs children feel good. If any group of parents deserve to feel good it’s you, right? The wellness of Special Needs parents is what adds the sprinkle to my icecream sundae. Through mindset shifts, 1:1 coaching, achievable goal setting, and more, I teach you an easy to follow actionable guide that helps you take care of you so that you can show up for your family. Let me show you how to live an in tuned life on your terms.


Burnout to Breakout

A 12 week private 1:1 coaching program for Special Needs Parents, focused on creating an actionable plan to help you reduce burnout. We create customized self-care plans to help you implement it into your life in a consistent way. This program is for the Special Needs parent that is tired of putting themselves on the back burner and realize though their family may not say it, they need you at your best. Perhaps, you already know you need more self care but it’s just not a priority, you don’t have the accountability, or you don’t feel confident enough to figure out where to begin utilizing self-care into your life. Or maybe you constantly feel the nudge to go ahead and do it, but you sit with guilt right before you take the leap to commit to doing something that involves only you.  Let me tell you, self-care is absolutely necessary and practicing self-care should be a part of your life. If any niched group of parents need self-care, it’s Special Needs moms and dads. Remember this, I am here to be your guide, to teach you to come up for air and remember to refill your cup before your health forces you to.

Self-Care Coaching Program

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12 week coaching program that will transform your self-care practices. This is where you tap into your power.

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Not a title you would expect, huh? It’s true though. When you’re running yourself ragged and have not done a great job at slowing down, you need to do this. It’s a great practice to grab a chair,  sit down, and rest.

10 years ago, you could barely find any books online that addresses self-care for the Special Needs mom. It’s 2020 and there’s much more out there. I’m so excited to share with you helpful books mostly written by Special Needs moms.

Hey you, what are you waiting for? Are you waiting for your child’s therapist to tell you to take a break? Are you waiting for your child’s doctor to tell you, it’s okay to slow down? Are you waiting for your child’s advocate at the IEP (Individualized Education Plan) meeting to tell you that you’re doing a great job? They are there to help your child, not you. 

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